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No matter what you do, or what you create, there will always be someone who doesn’t like it.

Author Unknown

That said this site will double as my Author Platform and a place for everyone to exchange ideas without being limited to 160 characters. My idea is to write reviews on books, write short stories and do an interview from time to time. Your part will be to chip in your 2 cents. Tell me what you like or don’t like (keep it civil) give me your take on my reviews or just tell me about a book you just could not put down . . . and why.

As this site evolves who knows what we will share. Thank you.

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On Words: Reassurance for the Emerging Writer, Re a review

a review by: VJ Miller Sr
On Words: Reassurance for the Emerging Writer is by Amazon in PB and Kindle

On Words: Reassurance for the Emerging WriterI’m not a real fan of poetry but after getting the chance to read some of Lesley’s prose I was prompted to get a copy of her book. I am aware of what Free Verse is but one cannot get the thought out of one’s head of poems that rhyme on every other line. This is not always the case and it added to my enjoyment.

Lesley Worthington was Australian born, and raised in Canada. An empty-nester, she lives near Toronto with her husband who was her high school sweetheart.

Earning a B.Sc. at U. of Toronto, and LL.B at Osgoode Hall Law School, she worked 20+ years as a Regulatory Manager at a Medical Device Co. She retired last year after her youngest went off to university, wanting to take writing more seriously. Continue reading On Words: Reassurance for the Emerging Writer, Re a review

Hiatus Is Over.

by: VJ Miller, Sr.

Back To The Business Of Writing:


Planet of Statues cover
Issue #2

The past few months have witnessed: hurricanes, floods, power interruptions, fires, water shortages, and the gamut of destruction. Trying to overcome any or all of the above has been a strain on so many of us. Along with having to deal with some of the previous I have personally endured: flu-like symptoms, a change in ISPs and a case of shingles that have curtailed my creative juices; actually bringing them to a crashing halt. I’ve also got a couple of book reviews that need doing soon. Having survived all that it’s time to finish my latest book, “Planet of Statues.”

The writing of the book was stalled at 40k words; twice what I had originally plotted out. But as happens sometimes a story grows and evolves of its own accord. Interesting “B” “C” and “D” side-stories which only enhance the finished product, demand to be heard. I’m not sure where it will top out but I am not going to hurry to a finish just to get it done. I originally stopped because I wanted to get clarification of some of the science aspects of the story. I wrote to a couple of scientists (who will remain nameless) in hopes of getting the info I asked for; alas, twas not to be. I never got any replies to my letters. I had every intention of listing their names in the Acknowledgments page. We all know how intelligent Science fiction readers are; you have to give them plausible reasons why things react the way you want when you know the mechanism can’t possibly exist… yet. So I delved into doing my own intense research and I believe I have a plausible solution. Continue reading Hiatus Is Over.