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Mundane? I Beg To Differ With You

Opinion by VJ Miller, Sr.

You Need To Be a Little Laid Back:

Some people find simple pleasures in the so-called, “Mundane” things in life.  What is so odd or ridiculous about:

  • Laying on your back in a meadow and watching the clouds slowly drift by.
  • Observing a caterpillar as it chows down on a leaf.
  • Sitting on the shoreline watching the waves slowly roll in.
  • Observing kids building a sand castle.
  • Watching an ant struggle to move a large grain of sand.
  • A squirrel poking its nose through the leaf litter in search of some juicy morsel.
  • Listening to the distant wail of a freight train engine horn.
  • Watching distant lightning as the storm slowly rolls in.
  • The sound of rain as it seemingly fries the street.
  • The silence of huge nighttime snowflakes while they drift down all around you.

And the best part is because all of these things are absolutely FREE. Continue reading Mundane? I Beg To Differ With You

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The Plot Broken Down Advice for the Emerging Author

by VJ Miller, Sr.

 plot broken down advice to emeging authorThe Plot Broken Down, as the title says, is advice for the emerging writer but that doesn’t mean the seasoned writer couldn’t learn something or at least be reminded of what has been forgotten. Man wants something, man gets something, man loses something, man reacquires something. That’s an oversimplification of a plot but just about all break down to its simplest form. From this simple form spring variations on a plot that sets it apart from other plots. Continue reading The Plot Broken Down Advice for the Emerging Author