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To Get Her Together

by VJ Miller, Sr.

This story can be also seen in my anthology of short stories, “Realms Uncharted – Tales From the Past, Present & Future” that is currently available on Amazon Kindle and in PB from CreatSpace.

Realms 3DSOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. That’s what the cover on the box said. Sherman had no idea exactly how much that simple statement meant. His balding, rotund, elderly figure could scarcely handle getting the crate in from the front porch where the bellicose delivery man left it. Even the enticement of a healthy tip and a cool drink could not get the indolent bastard to bring it any farther than the front porch. He reminded Sherman, in his imperious manner, of the words emblazoned on the side of his delivery van: “Door to Door Service”; it said nothing about carrying it inside. To hell with him. He’d do it himself. Continue reading To Get Her Together

Planet of Statues (working title)

by VJ Miller, Sr.

I’m starting a new short story today that is beginning to show promise as it evolves in my head. It’s a sequel to a novella that is in my anthology, Realms Uncharted”. on Amazon Kindle and in PB from CreateSpace. I’ve got the opening pages done and I know what the ending will show. All I have to do now is fill in the pages between the two.

The Premise:

Space explorers on a mission to find a planet suitable for colonization come across a planet where all life is only in the oceans and the surface land is populated by millions of white statues.

It’s been a while since I have done anything original from front to back and not just re-editing some of my older work.