What’s Next for Realms Uncharted Presents?
January 2, 2017 Editorial
by VJ Miller, Sr.

Now that the holidays are over…

… and several paintings that nagged at me to be let out on canvas, the distractions that kept me from finishing the next issue of Realms Uncharted Presents are over and I can get back to writing the next and other stories. I’ve planned no actual schedule for releasing the books but I’d like to get them out in a timely manner, hopefully a new issue every three months.

So what have we to look forward to:

Planet of Statues cover

Issue #2

The second issue titled Planet of Statues, is about a desperate mission by space travelers to find a suitable planet to colonize because their own planet has been used up and made more and more inhospitable due to disregard for their planets ability to regenerate itself. The search is a long one because, while the number of planets in the galaxy are numerous, many are disregarded for various reasons. One such planet is a Garden of Eden, lush and overgrown with vibrant foliage. Life in the oceans is full of aquatic life; the land masses contain no sentient life, only insect and reptilian life but no mammalian forms. Closer inspection finds evidence of an ages old civilization grown over by plant life, who have left behind a planet of statues. Questions are numerous; can they find the answers before disaster strikes them and possibly destroys the entire planet?


Death on Delivery cover

Issue #3

Issue three titled, Death on Delivery, takes place in the near future somewhere in the Regulus System. A female lies dead on a bed in a sleazy apartment; Detective, Harry Chalk lies unconscious on the floor beside the body. How are these two people connected to each other and what is a Natal-morph? It’s a mystery that has many false trails that eventually lead to an illegal babies for sale trade.

I’ve no plans to release any issue as an e-book, only PB will be released on any issue through Amazon and Createspace. If you’ve any questions or comments please let me know in the section below.

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