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Tainted Cure, by: Ashley Fontainne

review by VJ Miller, Sr.

Tainted CureTainted Cure by Ashley Fontainne is like any book you might select and should not be judged by its cover. Simply reading just the title could be easily misunderstood. What kind of cure should we expect? One for cancer, or heart disease or possibly mental illness; maybe even one of the most virulent sexual diseases. A closer inspection of the subtitle tells us exactly what to expect from the pages inside. Scientists Attempted to Cure Addiction – They Failed. Those words never conveyed the pages of unrelenting action that lay between the covers.

 Dr Everett Berning had been working on a cure for drug addiction for ten years and was nearing a breakthrough. He was a civilian scientist working at a secret government facility; an underground testing site that he had no idea where. His aim, along with his colleagues, was to not only cure addiction but remove all cravings forever. Continue reading Tainted Cure, by: Ashley Fontainne

On Words: Reassurance for the Emerging Writer a review

a review by: VJ Miller Sr
On Words: Reassurance for the Emerging Writer is by Amazon in PB and Kindle

On Words: Reassurance for the Emerging WriterI’m not a real fan of poetry but after getting the chance to read some of Lesley’s prose I was prompted to get a copy of her book. I am aware of what Free Verse is but one cannot get the thought out of one’s head of poems that rhyme on every other line. This is not always the case and it added to my enjoyment.

Lesley Worthington was Australian born, and raised in Canada. An empty-nester, she lives near Toronto with her husband who was her high school sweetheart.

Earning a B.Sc. at U. of Toronto, and LL.B at Osgoode Hall Law School, she worked 20+ years as a Regulatory Manager at a Medical Device Co. She retired last year after her youngest went off to university, wanting to take writing more seriously. Continue reading On Words: Reassurance for the Emerging Writer a review