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Welcome to the website of VJ Miller, Sr. that will double as my Author Platform and a place for everyone to exchange ideas without being limited to 160 characters. My idea is to write reviews on books, write short stories and do an interview from time to time if anyone is up for it. Your part will be to chip in your 2 cents. Tell me what you like or don’t like (keep it civil) give me your take on my reviews or just tell me about a book you just could not put down . . . and why.

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Author Unknown

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Planet of Statues – Coming Soon

by VJ Miller, Sr

Coming This Fall 2024

Planet of Statues cover
Issue #2

After putting this saga on the shelf years ago I have brought it out once again to get it finished then published to an Indie company this coming Fall.

This story is told through dialog rather than simple prose. This means that there will be multiple POVs told through the eyes of the players. Prose will be kept to a minimum for descriptions, while the players move the story along with their voices.

Common sense tells us you should have only one POV, or an omnipotent one that relates the whole story with little dialog. I find that boring. Telling the story through the eyes of the players you gradually get to know who they are and what makes them tick.

This is a Science Fiction story while also a Mystery that is both dramatic but with its humorous notes. Clues are laid out and nothing is hidden. I hope it will stir your imagination.

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Night of the Barbarian – the final chapter –

by VJ Miller, Sr.

The Demi-Seer is busy mixing his potions in the torch-lit room. Unseen by the old man Ronal begins to Twitch and breathe heavily. His eyes flutter and slowly open.

If you missed Part One, Two or Three

He tries to comprehend where he is then tries to sit up and fails. Again, he attempts to rise and stay erect. He is seen by the Demi-Seer who rushes to his aid.

“Easy, my son. You are not strong enough for this.”

Ronal’s voice is only a croaking whisper as he waves aside the Demi-Seer. “You must help me to stay awake. Give me one of your vile potions, you old quack.”

“Then you understood, Barney?” The old man retrieves a cup and hands it to Ronal who forces the terrible brew down and shudders.

“Damn, that’s awful,” giving the old man a bloodshot look. “I am here to stay old man but you must keep me awake until the sun rises. Do not let me slip away.”

“A challenge I am up to my son.” The old man grabs a stool and sits in front of Ronal whose eyes flutter and roll up in his head. The Demi-Seer shakes Ronal violently. “Barney! Wake Up. Do you hear me.”

Ronal’s eyes snap open. “I’m here, old man, I’m here. You’ve no easy task this night.”

“I may be old but I am not feeble.” Ronal grins then coughs hoarsely. “We must keep your mind active. Talk to me.”

“What about?”

“You have never told me of your other life. Will Barney be missed?”

Ronal ponders and comes to a conclusion. “Only by one person. The rest are of no consequence.” Continue reading Night of the Barbarian – the final chapter –