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BATMAN the Sunday Classics 1943-46 (review)

by VJ Miller, Sr.

Batman the Sunday Classics:

Batman the Sunday Classics was originally compiled and designed by Kitchen Sink Press, Inc.. for DC Comics, and co-published by DC Comics and Kitchen Sink Press in 1990. Other Batman the Sunday Classics 1943-1946editions followed with slightly different covers; mine was published by Sterling Publishing, Inc. by arrangement with DC Comics. Cover art by Dick Sprang.

Every effort was given to identify everyone involved with the strips and if anyone was left out or misidentified the publisher expresses their regrets. This was an era when only the creator of a strip or comic book was given any credit at all. It would be many years before letters to the editor were included and readers would ask who wrote, drew, or inked the pages of their favorite book or strip. Continue reading BATMAN the Sunday Classics 1943-46 (review)