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SUPERMAN – The War Years 1938 – 1945

review by VJ Miller, Sr.

Cover for Superman - the War YearsThis year superman will be 78 years old. His origin has been retold and re-embellished numerous times to bring it in line with the times and to bring new readers up to speed. Superman’s abilities and weaknesses have been altered so much over the years about the only thing he shares with his true origin is his name.

Where did it all begin and what was he really like in the beginning? Roy Thomas has dug through the archives and selected over 20 stories and cover art for Superman during the war years, from 1938 – 1945.

While rumblings of War brewed in Europe Superman was making his debut in Action Comics #1. Continue reading SUPERMAN – The War Years 1938 – 1945

Where Have I Been…

..and What Have I Been Doing?

editorial by VJ Miller, Sr.

Lost My Muse:

When my soul mate and best friend died last year on Memorial Day, my passion for writing and painting fine art passed away with her. She always gave me her honest opinion on anything I accomplished; whether she liked it or didn’t. I could always count on the truth from her which made her my biggest fan.

For five months I did little other than sit and watch TV most of the day. Early in November I decided to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. What the heck? It was free. Five days later my hard drive promptly died. The repair shop said it was not Win 10 that killed my hard drive; it had been going for some time, the upgrade was just the final nudge. Fortunately, the Tech was able to get into my old drive and pull up the license key for Win 10 and save all the data on the drive. All my data was backed up on another drive anyway but the repair shop saved me a lot of trouble; they were even nice enough to install a new drive twice the size of the old one. Continue reading Where Have I Been…