Who Am I

A published writer; albeit, a self-published writer but one who has had to learn (sometimes the hard way) those things that one needs to do as well as not do on the way to getting published.

The writing bug caught me late in life and so this old dog had to go back to school; not your regular school, but the do it yourself school. In order to write effectively I had to read, read, read, and pay attention to any editor who chose to reply with a personal note clipped to my rejected manuscripts.

I wrote for obscure fan magazines, one being Comic Effect, a review of comic books new and old.  This is where I flexed my writing muscle. There was little compensation other than I knew several other people were reading my words. I wrote short stories for Stygian Articles and Keene Science Fiction though, sadly they have both ceased publication years ago.

Realms Uncharted is now set up to be my Author’s platform. Not just to show off my books but to be an interesting place for other authors to hang out and discuss writing and/or publishing, and to remind me if I get something wrong (nobody is perfect).

I may introduce a new short story from time to time and discuss the works of other authors. And at the same time I would like other authors to let me in on what they are doing; to have another place to plug their work.

My aim is to, in time, do interviews with other authors in the Sci-Fi, Thriller and Detective genres. In time I will be open to a guest blog or two so I can skip the writing for a while. 🙂