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Beware the Pedaler – Part Three

by VJ Miller, Sr.

When we left Bart, last time he was distraught and trying to drink himself into oblivion. He threw himself onto his bed, but his dreams were nightmares. Snapping out of his bad dream he realized he was no longer alone…

If you missed Part One or Two.

The intruder snapped on the lights before Bart could ask who’s there. The sudden brightness instantly brought Bart’s left hand up before his squinting eyes.

“Hello asshole. Having nightmares, are we?”

“Who the fuck are you? What do you want?” said Bart, his vision clearing. Before him, leaning on the doorjamb was a young string bean of a man, heavily acned, sporting circular lens glasses with wire frames; in jeans, a sloppy sweatshirt, white sox, high-topped sneakers and a baseball cap turned backwards.

“It’s me. Your phone buddy. Reach out and touch someone, y’know.”

Bart’s brain went tilt; his face contorted into that addled look he got when his seldom used logic circuits overheated. Continue reading Beware the Pedaler – Part Three

Bicycle Rider in Park

Beware the Pedaler – Part Two

by VJ Miller, Sr.
If you missed Part One.

When we last left Bart, he’d had a series of bad luck or someone’s vandalism, cause him to be late for work three days in a row. That lateness and Bart’s lies put him on suspension for the rest of the week. His only solution was drink…

Beware the Pedaler – a Psychological Thriller

The only friends Bart could count on to never desert him were a 12 pack of 16-ounce Coors and a large bag of fried pork rinds. They consoled him all afternoon while he watched the local stations offerings of soap operas. He cheered when every man or woman in authority got their comeuppance.

He called the police upon arriving home, demanded they give him extra priority to catch the filthy slime that tampered with his truck. They sent an officer to gather all the pertinent info. Bart still smarted from the officer’s admonition.

He was loaded for bear, telling the disinterested officer of his troubles at work and loss of pay from all the fucking with his truck. When the officer could not promise any additional help Bart blurted out, he’d maim or even kill the mother who was doing this if he caught him. He was strongly warned that he’d find his own ass in a cell if he persisted. When asked who he thought might have vandalized his truck Bart was at a loss; he didn’t have an enemy in the world. Continue reading Beware the Pedaler – Part Two