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Why I Won’t Do Copywriting

by VJ Miller, Sr.

I’ve Not Come to Praise Caesar… nor Bury Him Either

In the past I have taken lessons in Copywriting and at first blush it seemed like a good way to earn a decent living or at least supplement my current income. As I got deeper into the lessons it became apparent to me that writing copy for industry was at times deceitful by doing what I call, Creative Truth.

Case In Point:

Let me point out that it’s an absolute must to tell the truth in any kind of advertising. Falsehoods will have you blackballed from the industry in my opinion. Continue reading Why I Won’t Do Copywriting


The Writing Muse–Humor at My Expense

by VJ Miller, Sr.

The Writing Muse. What is it and can you train it. Mine, at least, must be female. Why, you ask? Because it’s so fickle, changes her mind, then changes it again then won’t talk to me for days and weeks on end.

Here’s the problem.

The writing Muse jumps into my mind at the most inopportune times when I’ve little time to be productive, then when I’m at the keyboard with all the time in the world she decides to go out for a long walk. And her step-brother, Ambition, usually decides to take a nap. What’s an author to do? Continue reading The Writing Muse–Humor at My Expense