Mask of the Crime Czar


It is late winter in the year of 1990. Jason Parks is an ex-NYPD Detective turned Private Investigator in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA… and he’s also a drunk. There’s nothing new about this combination; it happens all too often in detective stories. What sets Jason apart from other PIs is that, through a billion to one chance accident he has acquired certain abilities. The accident opens up a whole new set of frustrations and tests of his resolve while dragging his psyche nearly to the breaking point.

Coping with his greatly altered life while wrestling with the dilemma of whether he should use his abilities to assist local law enforcement, or mind his own business, fosters an internal debate that has him questioning just about every move he makes. There is also the local media that can’t make up its collective mind if he is a champion of Good or a force for Evil.

The trail to catch the, Crime Czar, in his quest to take over and run the Mobs in the0 city, takes Jason from Philadelphia to New York City where he must dispose of the demons of his past life there; then back to the City of Brotherly Love to forestall a heated bloodbath between the local Mob Boss and his challenger. The trail of deceit and betrayal, suspicion and lies, takes Jason from the skies to the ground and deep in the catacombs under the city.

Will Jason overcome: the frustration, accusations, mistrust and his own internal strife and self-doubt or will he: turn his back, wipe his hands clean of it all and walk away? Even he is not sure of the outcome.

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