Realms Uncharted Presents

by VJ Miller, Sr.

Announcing My New Ongoing Series

Realms Uncharted Presents #1 - Project Ares
First issue

First from Kindle and soon after in PB from CreateSpace

The books will run under the banner of Realms Uncharted Presents. Each book will contain one novella of 18k to 20k words. Most readers will be able to finish each book in a short afternoon.

My plan is to offer each book on a semi-monthly basis; sooner if the demand is there.

Named for my website, the story inside could be a Thriller, Action Adventure, Mystery, or Space Opera from another world – another dimension – or another time or any combination of the above.

Also look for Bonus Material: a look ahead at the next issue along with other info that you may find useful and where to post a review, maybe even a short fill-in story. Who can say?

Project Ares takes place in another dimension similar to our own but with its own unique differences. It’s the story of NASA’s first expedition to Mars; an expedition that would never have taken place so soon were it not for a mysterious little man, Artur Jonas who seems to know a lot more than he lets on. Who he is will be made clear once the expedition is on the surface of Mars and the ulterior motives he has in store for its members.

I’d love to say that you will be thrilled by every issue, but that would be unrealistic. No matter what anyone writes there will always be someone who doesn’t like it. What I will say is that every issue will be well written and not try to insult your intelligence. And the price for each issue will be a reasonable one.

All I ask is that after you have read my offering is that you please write an honest review on the book on Amazon and on Goodreads.

Please do me a great favor and sign the Guestbook before you leave.

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