BAD DECISIONS by E.M. Smith (review)

review by VJ Miller, Sr.

Bad discisionsBad Decisions is over the top is how it is described. It certainly is and full of action but the protagonist, Jamie Kendrick is not believable. Dragged into a covert plot to rescue his niece and nephew with only basic training and a few hours prep time. Anyone who has suffered the beatings he has taken at the hands of the Law before the Agents stepped in, would not be ready to go on a sorte the following day, adrenaline rush not withstanding. The plot is interesting but the story suffers from too much description and slows the action.

Kendrick’s success has relied on luck; more luck than I can accept. It is not a bad story, far from it. There is plenty of action, enough to satisfy any reader of the genre. All it needs is to be tightened up and let the reader use their imagination more.

The book is meant to be the first of a series and can be much greater if the descriptions are not allowed to slow the action.

Three Stars

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