WRONG QUARRY by Max Allan Collins (review)

 review by VJ Miller, Sr.

The Wrong QuarryThe plot was superb, very interesting that a hitman should take out a war on other hitmen. I look forward to reading the other quarry novels. Why only four stars for such a good story? I was dismayed at having to wade through all the descriptions of: every room, every person, in every setting, every automobile, every, everything. Mr. Collins actually told me more than I really needed to know. I would’ve preferred less description and let my own imagination fill in the rest. I feel that all this extra description actually slowed down the pace of the story. At times it appears Mr. Collins was giving descriptions to an illustrator for a graphic novel rather than setting the scene for a book.

This was a great story even though I did figure out the end before it happened. Too many clues maybe but still a good book. Anyone who enjoys good hard-boiled stories should pick this book up, they’ll really enjoy it. I

Four Stars

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2 thoughts on “WRONG QUARRY by Max Allan Collins (review)

  1. Thanks for the great review. You’re not the first to complain that I over-describe, although that comment is a fairly recent one, reflective of contemporary reading tastes. Reading a novel is obviously a collaboration between writer and reader. But I like to do more of the work, and let the reader as much as possible have access to how I see the story. For me — particularly in a historical novel or a period piece — descriptions of clothing and place setting are vital. But in any novel, what a character is wearing is characterization, just as where and how they live is characterization. The biggest objection I get is to clothing description, and I admit I find it astonishing how many writers send their characters running naked through stories (and not just sex scenes). I see myself as a kind of filmmaker on the page, and I have to do all the jobs — including wardrobe and set design.

    1. Thank you for the reply and giving your take on the situation. While I do feel it’s a little much on the descriptions, personally, the entire book was very interesting to read and enjoy and would not prevent me from reading more of your work.

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