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Spaceship for long distance travel

Rod Serling-Planet of the Apes Visionaries

Review by VJ Miller, Sr.
Script: Dana Gould interior art: Chad Lewis Cover: Paolo Revira

Planet of the Apes,

Original screenplay by Rod Serling

Rod Serling Planet of the Apes Visionaries coverI thought I’d learned everything I needed to know about, Planet of the Apes until I came across this Graphic Novel.  Somehow I missed the fact that the original manuscript was written by Rod Serling, but then I was 17 at the time and was more into comic books than what was going on in Hollywood.

The artwork in this book is superb. Because it tells the story as much as the captions and dialog especially the pages that had little or no dialog or captions.

Rod Serling’s original vision of Planet of the Apes was a society that was somewhat normal. They dressed in suits, drove cars, worked in office buildings and did those things that day to day citizens always did–they were just apes instead. Hollywood took Serling’s story and turned it into what we all watched with Charlton Heston and the ensemble cast of humans in ape suits. I doubt Mr. Serling was pleased. Continue reading Rod Serling-Planet of the Apes Visionaries

Realms Uncharted Presents

by VJ Miller, Sr.

Announcing My New Ongoing Series

Realms Uncharted Presents #1 - Project Ares
First issue

First from Kindle and soon after in PB from CreateSpace

The books will run under the banner of Realms Uncharted Presents. Each book will contain one novella of 18k to 20k words. Most readers will be able to finish each book in a short afternoon.

My plan is to offer each book on a semi-monthly basis; sooner if the demand is there.

Named for my website, www.realmsuncharted.com the story inside could be a Thriller, Action Adventure, Mystery, or Space Opera from another world – another dimension – or another time or any combination of the above. Continue reading Realms Uncharted Presents