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Realms Uncharted Presents

by VJ Miller, Sr.

Announcing My New Ongoing Series

Realms Uncharted Presents #1 - Project Ares
First issue

First from Kindle and soon after in PB from CreateSpace

The books will run under the banner of Realms Uncharted Presents. Each book will contain one novella of 18k to 20k words. Most readers will be able to finish each book in a short afternoon.

My plan is to offer each book on a semi-monthly basis; sooner if the demand is there.

Named for my website, www.realmsuncharted.com the story inside could be a Thriller, Action Adventure, Mystery, or Space Opera from another world – another dimension – or another time or any combination of the above. Continue reading Realms Uncharted Presents

It’s Superman by Tom De Haven (a review)

review by VJ Miller, Sr.

How Did I Miss This One?

It's SupermanEvery once in a while a book slips by your notice; It’s Superman, ©2005, is one that got by me. After the book came to my attention I was pleased to learn it was to take place in 1935 and would be a retelling of Clark Kent’s early years and his subsequent move from Smallville to the big city. In this case the big city was not Metropolis, but would be instead, New York City. This did not seem out of the ordinary and I accepted the change.

Tom De Haven has taken one of my favorite superheroes and put his particular spin on the Man of Steel’s very beginnings and crafted and interesting novel. The writing is superb, in-depth and thorough. It scrutinizes life in a rural community and later in the big cities from coast to coast. Tom has crammed in a lot of information, leaving no stone unturned while chronicling Superman’s debut years. With all of this great writing, it was somewhat of a disappointment to me; and this is why. Continue reading It’s Superman by Tom De Haven (a review)