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Everything Happens For A Reason

by VJ Miller, Sr.

Reader Discretion is Advised

Probably the most overused and abused cliché; the catch-all advice of the clueless.  “Everything happens for a reason…”  I am so fed up with hearing those words when the speaker(s) can’t or won’t search for a better phrase to use.

What does this cliché do?

It lets you off the hook when the listener is seeking some sort of answer or measure of comfort from their woes. Continue reading Everything Happens For A Reason

Why I Won’t Do Copywriting

by VJ Miller, Sr.

I’ve Not Come to Praise Caesar… nor Bury Him Either

In the past I have taken lessons in Copywriting and at first blush it seemed like a good way to earn a decent living or at least supplement my current income. As I got deeper into the lessons it became apparent to me that writing copy for industry was at times deceitful by doing what I call, Creative Truth.

Case In Point:

Let me point out that it’s an absolute must to tell the truth in any kind of advertising. Falsehoods will have you blackballed from the industry in my opinion. Continue reading Why I Won’t Do Copywriting