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Classic Batman Logo

Bill the Boy Wonder the Secret Co-Creator of Batman

Birth Of the Dark Night

review by VJ Miller, Sr.
Story: Marc Tyler Nobleman – Illustration by Ty Templeton

Secret Identity #1

The cover of the book about Bill finger and his co-creating of BatmanBill the Boy Wonder was born in an era when Jews had difficulty landing a job, Milton Finger created his first secret identity. Because his name, Milton was a typical ethnic one that sounded too Jewish therefore he became, Bill Finger.

His parents pressured him to become a doctor but Bill wanted to be an artist and a writer. Bill loved literature and he shared some of his ideas with Bob Kane a cartoonist he met at a party. Bob was so taken with Bill’s writing¬† style he wanted an adventure story to illustrate; a collaboration was born.

The Dark Knight, New Hero In Town

Superman had been introduced the previous year and took off. Vin Sullivan an editor for what would become DC told Bob he wanted another superhero sensation. Because he knew he’d need help he went to Bill’s apartment to show him his sketches for the Bat-Man. Bill felt the red¬† costume Bob had rendered was too cheery and suggested it be darker and more menacing even though he was a good guy. He should be different from Superman and suggested he be human and could be injured. Bob agreed Continue reading Bill the Boy Wonder the Secret Co-Creator of Batman