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Writing reviews

Writing Reviews and Why It’s Your Duty

by VJ Miller, Sr.

Writing Reviews Starts Here

The craft of writing has it’s rules, and along with those rules there are some responsibilities; one of which is writing reviews, the feedback from the reader that every author covets.

 “Okay. But shouldn’t this post come after I’ve written my manuscript and not before?”

 One of the ways to be a better writer is to read as much as you can of other writer’s work.  While reading you should be taking into account: plot, and pacing and the writer’s voice, or how they craft their sentences. Every writer deserves some sort of feedback and should want some sort of review.  How else is any writer going to gauge how effective he or she has been. Continue reading Writing Reviews and Why It’s Your Duty

plot emerging author

The Plot Broken Down Advice for the Emerging Author

by VJ Miller, Sr.

Where it all begins:

 plot broken down advice to emeging authorThe Plot Broken Down, as the title says, is advice for the emerging writer but that doesn’t mean the seasoned writer couldn’t learn something or at least be reminded of what has been forgotten. Man wants something, man gets something, man loses something, man reacquires something. That’s an oversimplification of a plot but just about all break down to its simplest form. From this simple form spring variations on a plot that sets it apart from other plots. Continue reading The Plot Broken Down Advice for the Emerging Author