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Why? An Observation and an Opinion

by VJ Miller, Sr.

Why do people ask questions they don’t want answers too?

I’ve been to all kinds of forums where members can post their writing or artwork or pictures, even music. They ask the membership for critiques and when those assessments roll in, and if they aren’t favorable they become defensive and reply, “How dare you…” or words to that effect.

I discount the sadistic types who just like to bash everyone’s work. They’re evil incarnate. But why jump all over the honest person who feels you need a serious edit of your stuff? That’s why you asked for the critique in the first place; to make your stuff better than it was. And why belittle the person who just wants to help with an asinine “doh!” ┬áHomer’s become a part of our everyday language. How droll; how sad for all of us? Continue reading Why? An Observation and an Opinion

Missing Inspiration: A Writer’s Lament

Satire by VJ Miller, Sr.

The following is purely satire and in no way fathomable, should be misconstrued as the actual truth.

Linus wishing Snoopy Good LuckThe urge to be artistic has been MIA for a while. I thought my muse had gone on vacation and drowned in the waters off some far flung resort beach. Not so. The tramp is just shacking up with the local beach bum(s) until her itch has been scratched. Continue reading Missing Inspiration: A Writer’s Lament