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BATMAN the Sunday Classics 1943-46 (review)

by VJ Miller, Sr.

Batman the Sunday Classics:

Batman the Sunday Classics was originally compiled and designed by Kitchen Sink Press, Inc.. for DC Comics, and co-published by DC Comics and Kitchen Sink Press in 1990. Other Batman the Sunday Classics 1943-1946editions followed with slightly different covers; mine was published by Sterling Publishing, Inc. by arrangement with DC Comics. Cover art by Dick Sprang.

Every effort was given to identify everyone involved with the strips and if anyone was left out or misidentified the publisher expresses their regrets. This was an era when only the creator of a strip or comic book was given any credit at all. It would be many years before letters to the editor were included and readers would ask who wrote, drew, or inked the pages of their favorite book or strip. Continue reading BATMAN the Sunday Classics 1943-46 (review)

Superman logo


by VJ Miller, Sr.

When I heard two weeks ago that this book was going to be released on July 20, I knew I had to have it for my collection of reprint books.

Writers & Artists:

the Atomic Age SupermanI started reading books in 1952 at the age of four. Ahead of my time, maybe? I don’t know where I acquired that first Superman book but it sparked an interest in me to read more and more.

These reprints are from the Sunday pages of the comics from 1949-1953; written by Alvin Schwartz and drawn by Wayne Boring (June 5, 1905-Fedruary 20, 1987). Mr. Boring was my favorite artist; the one I grew up reading. His Superman was barrel chested and every bit the hero. His signature view of Superman in flight was to show him striding  through the air toward the viewer. Along with penciling the Sundays he was the chief penciler on the Superman comics in the 1950s. Continue reading The ATOMIC AGE SUPERMAN – (review)