Social Networks: What to Expect

by VJ Miller, Sr.

You  Want Some Cheese With That W(h)ine?

Pixabay The Social Networks, or Anti-Social, depending on your perspective, have become a breeding ground for anyone with a complaint from a hangnail to a busted zipper on their little black dress. Too often those who champion every odd cause that comes down the pipe really only do so in these social networks. How many actually continue that cause out in the real world?

Social Networks, What to Expect When You Visit :

There are those who only spread gloom and doom about their life that is going into the dumper.   I sympathize but is an open forum the place to do it? Do you really want advice on a personal problem from those whose only degree is in beer and cheese tasting? You must understand the advice you get most of the time is worth exactly what you paid for it…. Nothing!

Then there are those who occasionally get very good advice but are too self-centered to ever heed that good advice. They’d rather be miserable and since misery loves company, they lay it on your doorstep. Only the people that agree with them in some sick, twisted form of hilarity, are listened to. Then there is the manic/depressive who is high one day because their life is all peaches and cream, then the next they are mean mouthing the other sex and wondering why they can’t hold onto a relationship or even get one started.

Jonathan Petersson

It’s a Crap Shoot:

It comes down to the law of averages; sooner or later they will come across that one person out there in cyber-world who is telling them how right they are when they are so wrong. Be careful of these people; they will suck you down into their world of inanity and you will find it extremely hard to extricate yourself. “I was wrong,” is not in their vocabulary. The first step to any recovery may well be in those three little words.

Highway to Misery:

Sports, religion, politics; starting a discussion on any of these leaves you open to every poison tipped dart the reader can find. Be especially sure you have done all your homework and have sufficient “Links” attached that back up your story. Officiating in any sport is open to scrutiny from every direction. Before you add your senseless line of bitchery to the mix, ask yourself before you view all the close-up replays from every angle imaginable, “Would I have called it differently if I was right there?” And knowing the rule book, front to back along with its vagaries would be a big advantage.

Highway to Hell:

Religion is open to vast interpretation; what you were taught is not necessarily what someone else was taught. Tolerance is the only approach here and you’d best be very sure of your words or at least have the conviction to stand behind them. Politics is more dangerous than religion. Never have I witnessed more cases of blind faith. It boggles how anyone who is faced with irrefutable and unimpeachable facts can completely ignore the truth just because their candidate says so.   Who passed out all those rose colored glasses and what imbecile gave him/her the authority to do so?

What Does it all Mean?

In closing, I can only admit that I have no degrees in Psychology, Philosophy or Political Science; I have learned all that was possible in the School of Hard Knocks. And if this sounds like whining I must disagree; it is simply my vested OPINION.

Remember, you can’t fix stupid, hindsight is always 20/20 and you heard it here.

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